Pedro Agulló: Open Source

Besides my work as Tech leader and Agile Coach, I work frequently as Architect and Core Developer, activities that have led me to write several libraries, including several Open Sourced ones.

All of these libraries are written following the TDD (Test Driven Development) approach, resulting in around 400 automated test just for the libraries shown here, and many thousands for all code written in my career.

Particularly, the DirectJNgine has been used by thousands of programmers around the world, in project at several big companies such as Nestlé or Sonatype (yes, the guys behind Nexus). In fact, sonatype keeps the public Directjngine repository at the moment.

Here is a link to my Technical Blog. Apart from the typical web stuff, I've published 100+ more articles in the printed press, such as High Quality Java Code: Contracts & Assertions.

You can contact me at p.agullo.soliveres at

  • Log4js-ext is a full implementation of the Log4js Java logging library for Javascript.
  • Check the API or the interactive demo for more info.
  • Log4js-ext has been developed with a test-driven approach: check the tests.

  • KPointers is a library for low-level access to memory, providing Kotlin with the full power of C++ pointers.
  • KPointers is the foundation for KStructs

  • KStructs deals with low level off-heap memory access without the hassles of using Unsafe.
  • Kstructs provides Kotlin with the full power of C++ structs, allowing things such as sharing memory with other programs, etc.